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Computing Club - Post
Hour of Code

This week we took part in hour of code.  The hour of code encourages people all over the UK to give coding a try just for an hour it is lots of fun and some people in the club have took part in another hour of code event before.

This week we did something a little different for our Hour of Code we used Scratch on the raspberry pi's.  We made some short animations and games but while we were all working on this we also got the chance to do something different with Scratch.  The pi has little pins called GPIO  or general purpose input output which means you can connect things to your pi and have even more fun trying out things.  We connected an LED to the pi and then made a little scratch program which got the LED to blink on and off.  It was fun to try this out and we hope we can get more time to try out different things using GPIO.

Using Scratch with GPIO